About Us

Established in 1989, www.laughinglizards.com has been a major supplier of unique iron-on embroidered and rhinestone appliques, patches and emblems primarily to the apparel and promotional markets. You may have seen our appliques on television shows such as “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Friends” or “The Nanny” starring Fran Drescher. We stock over 2,000 different motifs which gives you the benefits of great selection as well as offer multiple shipping methods so you can way out your needs and  the cost of shipping of your appliques.

In addition to our stock designs, we also provide custom embroidered designs and logos. Your supplied art or designs are quoted based on desired size, color and quantity. Laughing Lizards respects our customers ™ proprietary designs and will not second market (sell them to other companies). We do require, however, that you be responsible for insuring that designs supplied are not the proprietary rights, copyrights or trademarks of others. Written permission is required from the owners of such marks authorizing Laughing Lizards to manufacture on behalf of the ordering company.

Laughing Lizards is a family owned and small business of America, located in Riverside, CA.
We try to make sure our customers are treated as family and offer the best possible customer service!  By you supporting Laughing Lizards, you are supporting the American Dream!  We thank you so much for your business!

Our address is listed as 17130 Van Buren Blvd is a ‘Send N Receive’ Mail and Gift Store that has a small kiosk with a sampling of our patches for sale.  Due to overwhelming overhead costs and us wanting to keep our prices the lowest possible for our customers, we do not have a typical physical retail store location.  If you are interested in a few of our designs and want to see them in person, feel free to send us an email ahead with the item numbers (click on the picture of the item and look for the SKU number under the Add To Cart button.  It will start with an S.)  We will email you when they are at the store and you are welcome to review the products in person and purchase there or not.  You will not pay shipping when purchasing at Send N Receive, but the cost will cover markup that we pay the store to keep the product there and Riverside sale taxes, so be prepared to pay a little more than you see on the site. (…But, it is still cheaper than shipping.)

If you need assistance with placing an order, please email us at info@laughinglizards com for fastest response or give us a call at (800) 335-3309 (within the USA) or (951) 398-7014 (outside the USA or local CA calls).  One of our staff members would be happy to answer any questions you may have or take a phone order.  If we miss you, please leave a message or email us and we will gladly get back to you!  We are a very small family operation, so we do miss calls and we apologize for this!

All of us at Laughing Lizards strive to give you the best quality products and personalized service. We want you to feel confident and be satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we only carry first quality products.  Each applique is personally inspected before it is shipped to you. Your satisfaction is our first priority!

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